Roman Made Negotiator

This Roman Made Negotiator is an amazingly balanced lipless swim bait that collaborates with water sensuously with little action from the rod.  The Negotiator has true glide-effect and interacts in sync with its build in wobble where retrieved or allowed to free-fall.  Feed back to the rod is a heavy distinctive yet smooth pulse.The Negotiator is also a true slalom lure, with a wide s-curve action. Its body segments are narrow, yet tall, allowing the lure to capture significant amount water for propulsion. A simple adjustment in retrieves dictates how wide the Negotiators pattern of travel will result. A minute tap of the rod tip or an exaggerated turn of the reel handle will cause the lure to change directions.


  • Roman Made Negotiator
  • Length: 7 in.  Weight: 3 oz.
  • Type: Handmade Wooden Swim bait