Net Bait T-Mac Black**
Net Bait T-Mac Merthiolate**
Net Bait T-Mac Black Grape**
Net Bait T-Mac Green Pumpkin Texas Red**
Net Bait T-Mac Kentucky Special**
Net Bait T-Mac Texas Craw**
Net Bait T-Mac Scuppernog**
Net Bait T-Mac Black Blue Flake**
Net Bait T-Mac Red Bug**
Net Bait T-Mac Watermelon Candy**
Net Bait T-Mac Alabama Craw**
Net Bait T-Mac Plum**
Net Bait T-Mac Bama Bug**
Net Bait T-Mac
Net Bait T-Mac Green Pumpkin**
Net Bait T-Mac Watermelon Red**
Net Bait T-Mac Junebug**
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Net Bait T-Mac

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Length: 6.5"
Quantity: 20 pk

If you like fishing trick worms then you will love the NetBait T-Mac. Whether on a shaky head or weightless the T-Mac will produce. The T-Mac is also extremely durable for those short striking fish. The classic NetBait colors combined with the scent and action of the T-Mac will put fish in the boat.


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