Lake Fork Trophy Lures Boot Tail Magic Shad 3.5"

Delivering the lifelike swimming action of the original Live Magic Shad - now with some extra tail thump - the advanced engineering of the Lake Fork Boot Tail Live Magic Shad allows it to accurately mimic the swimming motion of a fleeing baitfish and trigger vicious strikes. Impregnated with garlic scent and made from super soft plastic to make fish hold on longer, a hook keeper pocket is also molded into the top of each bait, greatly reducing hang-ups and snags, while increasing hook-ups. For best results, try rigging the Boot Tail Live Magic Shad on a weighted swimbait hook or umbrella rig. A slow steady retrieve will bring this swimbait to life. The Lake Fork Boot Tail Live Magic Shad is now available at Tackle Warehouse in a variety of colors to match the forage in your local waters.