Ima Skimmer 198 Clear
Ima Skimmer 198 Shimmer Shad
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Ima Skimmer 198

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The ima Skimmer is unique among hard plastic topwater stick baits because of the slender body shape of a soft plastic stick bait. This slim profile has proven to be one of the most appealing bass lure shapes ever. There’s a lot to be said simply for this slender profile and silhouette, and the ima Skimmer is really the only topwater hard bait with it.

A large part of the Skimmer’s action is caused by the movement of each “zig” or “zag” as the tail-weighted back end of the ima Skimmer stirs the water wildly,c a using a large boil. Every time the Skimmer moves left or right, the final move ment of the weighted tail stirs the surface into a large boil, and the Skimmer slips out barely ahead of the boil, just like a desperate baitfish narrowly escaping a bass.

The Skimmer’s action becomes a non-stop series of ever-widening boils emanatingbehind it. It’s like a school of surface-feeding bass on the scene, boiling the surfacebehind the ima Skimmer’s tail. If there’s ever anything that gets a non-committalbass to bite, it is another bass feeding in front of it. That’s the competitive feedingcue that the Skimmer sends out to all bass within range.


Long casts are essential for many topwater fishing situations, especially when targeting schooling fish. A 30 to 40-pound braided line or 12 to 15-poundmonofilament line is necessary for casting distance and best action for topwaters like the Skimmer.

A 7-foot or longer, medium casting rod will have the right action for working the bait and landing more of what bites. A graphite or composite rod is ideal for fishing topwater lures.