Gancraft Bariki Shad #01 Ja Ayu
Gancraft Bariki Shad #02 Green Pumpkin Shad
Gancraft Bariki Shad #03 Wakasagi
Gancraft Bariki Shad #04 Hologram Shad
Gancraft Bariki Shad #05 Pearl White
Gancraft Bariki Shad #07 Biwako Ayu
Gancraft Bariki Shad #11 Magic Shad
Gancraft Bariki Shad USA-1 Pro Blue Red Pearl
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Gancraft Bariki Shad

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The word Bariki stands for “Horse Power” in Japanese and that is exactly what the Gan Craft Bariki Shad Swimbait brings to swimbait fishing. Crafted with a powerful tail configuration, the Gan Craft Bariki Shad Swimbait features a large boot tail that creates an aggressive kicking action. The tail also features a small slot at the top, which allows anglers to insert a nail weight to create an even wider swimming action and push more water or add a rattle to produce a loud rattling noise that aggravates bass into striking. This design gives anglers the ability to finely tune the action of the bait based on different conditions and the mood of the fish.

Equipped with a bottom and top hook slot, the Gan Craft Bariki Shad Swimbait can be fished with your favorite EWG or screw-lock style hook for a perfectly weedless presentation or on a jighead for fishing open water and deep structure. Fortified with a heavy dose of scent and salt for an added level of attraction, the Gan Craft Bariki Shad Swimbait delivers JDM performance that will help you catch more fish than your competition. 

Length Quantity Recommended Hook Size  Weight 
3.8" 5 2/0 1/4oz
4.8" 4 5/0 5/8oz
5.8" 3 5/0 1oz
6.8" 2 8/0-10/0 2-1/4oz

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