Evergreen CR-8 Crankbait queen shad
Evergreen CR-8 Crankbait damonde shad
Evergreen CR-8 Crankbait olive crawdad
Evergreen CR-8 Crankbait Fire Craw
Evergreen CR-8 Crankbait Blue Back Chart
Evergreen CR-8 Crankbait ayu
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Evergreen CR-8 Crankbait

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Haunting the midwater column with exacting visual details and frenzy-inducing action, the Evergreen CR 8 Crankbaits are born out of years of research that has translated into one of the finest crankbaits on the market. Including everything that is indicative of a premium plug, the Evergreen CR series of cranks are equipped with larger-than-normal weight transfer systems, which amplify casting distances and deliver unique auditory profiles.

Expertly engineered from end-to-end, the Evergreen CR 8 Crankbait’s precisely shaped lip, weight transfer system, and chunky body work together to generate a vivid wobbling action for maximum attraction. Encased in carefully selected colorways that have been proven in competition, the Evergreen CR 8 Crankbaits will take to your waterways with excited movement and dazzling cosmetics.

Evergreen Length Weight Depth Class
CR 08 2-1/4 in 1/2 oz 6-8 ft Floating