Deps Slither K #01 Jet Black
Deps Slither K #02 Bone Crackle
Deps Slither K #07 Shooting Star
Deps Slither K #08 New Angola Python
Deps Slither K #09 Moss Green
Deps Slither K #11 Visible Black
Deps Slither K #12 Visible Shiner
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Deps Slither K

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  • Vendor: Deps
  • Product Type: Frogs
  • Barcode: 630878773074

The DEPS Slither K was designed to be fished in the thickest, nastiest cover imaginable. Its unorthodox body profile, cupped sides, flat belly and advanced balancing system were strategically calculated to facilitate a killer walk-the-dog action and produce an incredible amount of turbulence.

Its super soft construction combined with the precisely-angled, custom-designed hook make the Slither K extremely weedless, and at the same time, provide an excellent hook up ratio. The rear portion of the bait also has two evenly distributed holes, so the air within the body is quickly released, further ensuring solid hooksets, while automatically releasing water on the cast.

The natural feel and appearance of rabbit fur adds an extra element of natural appearance to the lure as it slithers back and forth on the surface, offering subtle movements and undulations that can only be produced with a natural material. As an added bonus, when the hair gets wet the extra weight from the water makes it more wind-resistant and allows for longer distance casts. Available in a range of killer colors, the DEPS Slither K is ready to rock-and-roll right out of the package - no tuning necessary.

DEPS Length Weight Class
Slither K 2-1/4" 3/8oz Topwater