YuLine Reel Spooler

Retractable Fish Line Spooler for Boats and Shops.

Mount the YuLine Spooler anywhere in your boat or shop.
after use, simply fold it away by spring load retractable.
It will not take up any storage space and is out of the way.

Re-spooling your line correctly is of the utmost importance. Incorrectly re-spooling your reel could set yourself up for a line-twist nightmare. The line twists into coils when it should hang limp, causing your line to tangle into an ugly nest when you cast.

With YuLine mounting spooler system, you can now spool your reel with balanced line tension from your boat or shop.
Using a traditional spooler with a rubber mount will never give you balanced line tension to your reel.
Balanced line tension to a reel will reduce backlash and allow you to cast longer, which is as important as selecting the quality of fishing line to fish with.