Water Gremlin Bull Shot Sinker
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Water Gremlin Bull Shot Sinker

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When we saw these Bull Shots from Water Gremlin, we thought this is a real winner for versatility. Now you can transform your Texas-rig to an instant Carolina-rig just by sliding the Texas-rig bullet weight and glass bead up the line and clamping one of these Bull Shots below it with the base facing away from the hook. Now you have a noise making Carolina-rig weight anywhere on the line you want without a series of knots and without retying. Or, you can add weight to your existing rig and still have the snag-defeating bullet shaped weight, not a round split shot that will tend to hang up. If you are throwing a Senko or a weightless worm and have a situation where you need to get to the bottom quickly, simply clamp on a Bull Shot and your floating worm or Senko and it becomes a Texas-rigged worm. The possibilities are endless and the range of weights is great. It will be handy having some of these weights in your boat so buy a few different sizes.