V&M Wild Shad

V&M staff & Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace is proud to introduce theV&M Wild Shad Swimbait. Keeping a more natural swimbait shape and body type in mind, the Wild Shad Swimbait offers a flat profile. The goal here is to develop a more realistic bait to increase bites and move away from the round unnatural swimbait body profile that has flooded the market. The Wild Shad Swimbait offers a head shaking swimming action, delivering right to left movement while providing a natural color flash and realistic tail kick. Besides for being a great stand alone swimbait application the Wild Shad also excels as a jig trailer as well. Available in several proven fish catching colors, the V&M Wild Shad Swimbait will become a staple in your swimbait and jig trailer fishing arsenal.