Trokar 4x Strong Treble

Eagle Claw Trokar is reintroducing the Trokar treble hooks previously known under part #’s TK300 and TK310 as the TK934 and TK949. The TK300 will now be known as the TK934 and the TK310 as the TK949. The change is solely in the hook part numbers; anglers can expect the same elite grade performance they’ve come to expect out of both hooks. The change aligns product families within the larger Eagle Claw umbrella, bringing the Trokar treble hook with identical features but a Trokar point into an alpha numeric part # that ties the TK934 together with the Lazer Sharp L934 and the TK949 together with the L949. Anglers and dealers alike will enjoy the simplicity and peace of mind of the associated part #'s in exploring other high performing Eagle Claw options in their purchasing decisions.