Spro John Crews Fat John 60 cell mate
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Spro John Crews Fat John 60

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The Spro “John Crews” Fat John 60 Crankbait is more than just a bigger and wider version of the famous Little John.  It actually features a slightly different body shape, as well as, a different bill and line-tie angle. This produces a wobble akin to that of a traditional fat plug, but the unique thing about the Fat John, is that it also hunts 3-4” to each side on the retrieve - tempting bass even further.  Still featuring Spro’s patented tungsten weight transfer system so it casts like a bullet, the Spro Fat John 60 Crankbait is available in several proven colors, and is also equipped with larger #3 Gamakatsu hooks to help seal the deal.   

“... I have been working on [the Spro Fat John] for the last year to get the bait action right. The Fat John will give bass fisherman another shallow water option to throw when bass are holding in shallow water cover.” - John Crews, Bassmaster Elite Series pro.

Spro Length Weight Depth 
Fat John 60 2-1/3" 5/8oz 1-3ft