Shimano World Minnow Black Gold 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Pro Blue 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Black SV 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Blue SV 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Chartreuse Head 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Chartreuse SV 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Clown 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Pink Smelt 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Salangidae 115mm
Shimano World Minnow Ghost Ayu 115mm
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Shimano World Minnow

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Packed with new technologies that aim to make all other jerkbaits obsolete, the Shimano WM-World Minnow Flash Boost Jerkbait relies on three innovative features that are designed to rip past the competition and upend the bass fishing industry. Starting with the components designed to draw predators in, the World Minnow utilizes their mesmerizing and patent-protected Flash Boost and Scale Boost. The Flash Boost system suspends a finely polished, reflective foil on micro springs within the body of the lure to deliver bass-attracting flash that shimmies enthusiastically even on the pause. Additionally, the Scale Boost scheme mimics the patterns of baitfish scales with next-level realism by employing an industry-exclusive composite-pitch hologram, increasing the amount and complexity of light reflected through the water column.

Internally, the Shimano WM-World Minnow Flash Boost Jerkbait houses Shimano’s exclusive Jet Boost apparatus to help anglers launch the World Minnow up to 22% farther than similarly sized jerkbaits. Exploiting the physics of an angler’s casting motion, the Jet Boost is a spring-loaded weight transfer system in which an internal weight slides to the tail on the backcast and returns to its original position for a balanced action in the water. The World Minnow is outfitted with premium hardware such as stainless steel split rings and sticky sharp  treble hooks that maximize angler’s hook-up ratios. Overloaded with exciting new features that combine to drive bass into a feeding frenzy, the Shimano WM-World Minnow Flash Boost Jerkbait is sure to be one of the most technologically advanced baits to plunge into your favorite fishery.

Shimano Length Weight Depth Class
WM-World Minnow 4-1/2" 5/8oz 4-6ft Suspending