Shane's Baits Blades of Glory Mini
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Shane's Baits Blades of Glory Mini

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A downsized version of the original Blades of Glory, the Shane's Baits Mini Blades of Glory Umbrella Rig is the perfect tool for tempting bass in ultra-clear and highly pressured fisheries alike! Founded with the same customizable platform and powerful hardware as the full-size rig, the Mini Blades of Glory hits the water with a more compact profile that even wary bass will be willing to gobble up. The head of the rig is composed of military grade aluminum that is turned on the most precise Swiss machine for maximum durability and exact balance. The innovatively designed head also supports a removable cap to allow anglers to quickly change or replace the stainless steel arms.

While the Shane's Baits Mini Blades of Glory Umbrella Rig offers a finesse profile, it harnesses big components to deliver infallible performance when a monster bass, or two, is on the end of your rig. The head is tipped with a super smooth swivel while the wire arms anchor robust snap swivel combos to accommodate your favorite jigs and swimbaits efficiently. The rig is completed with four premium nickel-plated willow blades to draw bass in with a shimmering light show. A smart solution to the challenge of navigating heavily pressured bodies of water, the Shane's Baits Mini Blades of Glory Umbrella Rig will undoubtedly bring in the biggest bites!

Shane’s Baits Total Length Wire Arm Length
Mini Blades of Glory Rig 6" 3-1/2"