Outkast Tackle Chicken Jig Head Unpainted
Outkast Tackle Chicken Jig Head White
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Outkast Tackle Chicken Jig Head

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If you need the perfect jighead for using big swimbaits to catch kicker-sized bass, look no further than the Outkast Tackle Chicken Jighead. Utilizing the same head shape as the very popular Goldeneye Swimbait Head, the Outkast Tackle Chicken Jighead features a 30-degree line-tie on the nose of the jighead and a rounded chin, making it ideal for dredging deep ledges and offshore structure where the biggest bass often hide and wait for big meals to swim by. It also features a super stout 5/0 VMC hook that allows anglers to use heavy-duty tackle for horsing big fish to the boat and not having to worry about bending the hook out. To make sure those swimbaits stay locked in place, it is equipped with a double barbed keeper, as well as, a wire keeper that eliminates the need to use messy glues or adhesives. Finished with the signature 3D goldeneye for added realism, the Outkast Tackle Chicken Jighead is ideal for anglers using bigger swimbaits trying to trigger bigger bites. 2 per package.