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Megabass Pop Max
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Megabass Pop Max GP Sexy Shad
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Megabass Pop Max

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Based on a hand-carved original by Yuki Ito, the Megabass PopMax ups the ante of the well-respected PopX with a larger body, and redesigned gill-system. In addition to the PopX's gill openings that allow for water to pass through and create life-like bubbles, the PopMax also features a unique gill system that consists of six water-intakes and a water chamber. Four intakes channel water through the gills and out to the sides, creating a unique splashing/chugging action on the surface, while two additional intakes channel water into the internal chamber and out below the PopMax. This generates enticing bubbles and a surface disturbance that bass can't resist. The intake system also acts like a lip, utilizing the water pressure that is pushed through the lower chamber to keep the lure from skipping across the water, and helping to keep the lure grounded so it can be worked faster. In addition, when the lure is paused, water flows out of the chamber, causing the PopMax to raise its head and survey its surroundings.

The PopMax can be worked like a conventional popper, and with gentle rod-tip action, the PopMax will roll-walk dynamically, combining the winning elements of both poppers and walking baits. For best results, fish the Megabass PopMax around rocky or riprap banks, over grass beds, or on shallow points early in the morning. Available in a variety of proven Megabass colors, Megabass also recommends fishing the PopMax on 18lb Megabass Dragon Call fishing line.

Megabass Length Weight Class
PopMax 3-1/4" 1/2oz Topwater