Megabass Mag Draft Freestyle

The MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE isthe ultimate swimbait forbig bass sessions. With a snub-nose design perfect for screw-lock hooks, a pre-cut belly and recessed top-groove, the FREESTYLE is built for easy big-game rigging for novices and experts alike. 

Preserving the hard-thumping tailactionanddeadly head-shake of the original, the FREESTYLE bringsa new bag of tricks to the MAGDRAFT’s proven performance. 

Select a weighted 6/0 or 8/0 screw-lock hook to target submergedvegetation where savvy monsters lie in wait along shade lines,grasslanes andisolated cover.Excellent for tule lines, laydowns, slow-rolling the depths andmachine-gun skips to thedarkest recesses ofpromising docks and overhangs. For extra appeal in open-water situations, try adding a blade for flash and increased drawing power over long-distance retrieves. 

Switch to a heavyjighead to crawl chunk-rock, curve-fall river ledges, and main lake drop-offs, and target new depthswhere the MAGDRAFT has yet to roam. Especially effective tracing bottom contours or bottom-bumping deeper ranges. 

Call upon the line-through rigging method to target open shallows and skip deep under overhangs. 

Recommended rods  

  • Megabass Destroyer MARK48 
  • Megabass Orochi XX Perfect Pitch 

Recommended Hook Sizes

  • Screw-lock: 6/0 – 8/0 
  • Jighead: 6/0 – 8/0 
  • Treble: #2 – #1 

*Hooks not included 

Retrieve Tips

Please note the MAGDRAFT is built for adeadly combination of tail-thump and head-shake to activate the lateral lines of predators. As such, the MAGDRAFT requires aspecific retrieve-speedfor optimal results. Please experiment with a medium-medium/slow retrieve until you can feel the MAGDRAFT kick into gear and send head-shaking action through the line. If the MAGDRAFT is dragging its tail, speed up your retrieve. If your MAGDRAFT is coming up on its side, check your rigging and/or slow down your retrieve.