Megabass Dyna Response Jukucho Pink 1/2oz
Megabass Dyna Response Jukucho Shad
Megabass Dyna Response Western Clown 1/2oz
Megabass Dyna Response Kinkuro 1/2oz
Megabass Dyna Response Setsuki Ayu 1/2oz
Megabass Dyna Response Ito Hiuo
Megabass Dyna Response Blue Back Chart 1/2oz
Megabass Dyna Response Red Hot Craw 1/2oz
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Megabass Dyna Response

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Elevating blade baits to new heights, the Megabass Vibration X Dyna Response Blade Bait delivers unrivaled performance that will out fish all of the other blade baits in your tackle box. A new concept developed with Megabass pro-staffer, Shinji Sato, the Megabass Vibration X Dyna Response Blade Bait is built from a super-thin 0.6mm stainless steel plate that cuts through water like a knife and features a carefully sculpted weight shape that generates powerful vibrations and a quick start up action. The hydrodynamic design instantly kicks into gear from the first handle turn, creating a high pitched action and strong flash that far surpasses traditional blade baits.      

Another innovative feature of the Megabass Vibration X Dyna Response Blade Bait is its hand tied tinsel tail that not only produces an enticing flicker of flash but also significantly reduces line tangling issues during the cast so that your bait spends more time in the strike zone. Backed by two sticky sharp Japanese treble hooks, the Megabass Vibration X Dyna Response Blade Bait offers quality and performance that is second-to-none.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Vibration X Dyna 1.9" 1/4oz Sinking
Vibration X Dyna 2.25" 3/8oz Sinking
Vibration X Dyna 2.25" 1/2oz Sinking
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester