Megabass DX-Free Crankbait

The Megabass DX-Free Crankbait has tailored other models of the Deep-X series such as the Deep-X 300, tailoring it to various situations such as depth, topography, and productive zone. The DX-Free gets down into the strike zone quickly and hovers at the 2 meter and 3 meter mark respectively with a wobble and rolling action, working off structure and  under cover.

Tackle Otaku - "This is a great crank for running bank and grinding shallow rock!  When the fish move up on flats or position in water that's just too shallow for the Deep X 300 to work efficiently but I still want that wide, loud movement, the DX Free is perfect!"

Length | 3 inch

Weight | 3/4 oz

Depth | 2.0 = 6 feet, 3.0 = 9-10 feet