Lake Fork Trophy Lures 5" Hyper Worm

The Lake Fork Hyper Worm's segmented body and unique paddle tail emits a strong vibration in the water, providing a presentation that bass have never seen in a soft plastic worm. Whether rigged Texas-style, as a jig trailer or Carolina-rigged, the Hyper Worm is sure to be the go-to bait in any angler's arsenal. FLW pro Mark Pack won the 2008 FLW Beaver Lake Open fishing this bait.

Mark used the Hyper Worm as a trailer for his home made 3/16-ounce jig. "I had a steady retrieve; the tail of that worm would just be flopping back-and-forth, so I was basically swimming it," Pack said. "I caught my fish off points with mainly rock, rubble and sand - most were off ramps that were flooded in 3 feet of water." "With the water being so muddy, that paddle tail on the worm helped the fish find the bait."