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Jackall Bounty Fish

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Net Joint System

Dogwalk action is facilitated by making the joint part a non-restoring net. In dead sticking, the tail with high flexibility acts spontaneously by receiving a slight stream of water or wind, and appeals fish.

Multi-Ribs Structure

The rib structure, which is deeply provided at wide intervals, catches water firmly and exerts a strong braking effect. It enables pinpoint appeals that minimize the movement distance during dogwalk action.

High buoyancy material

Buoyancy is set to float with no-sinker rig It can also be used for slow sinking by inserting a nail sinker depending on the situation.

Knot guard

The tip has a structure that allows you to push in the line eye to hide the knot. The high slip-through performance suppresses catching on complicated covers and enables a more direct approach.
Off-set hook can be installed from the tip of the body and pull it out from the center of the protrusion on the chin. You can maximize the performance of the knot guard by setting the hook eye to be embedded inside the knot guard.

Hook setting

Equipped with convenient markings and slits that make perfect hook setting easy.

FECO certified product

Feco certified item that can be used in JB/NBC tournaments.

4 count