Imakatsu Gillroid Minnie #548 3D Female Gill
Imakatsu Gillroid Minnie #749 3D Ghost KOGILL
Imakatsu Gillroid Minnie #868 3D Male Gill
Imakatsu Gillroid Minnie #642 3D Kanbuna Gin
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Imakatsu Gillroid Minnie

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Known as the ‘Little Giant’ of the Gillroid series, the Imakatsu Gillroid Minnie Swimbait inherits all of the unique rigging options and attention to detail of the original, but in an extremely reduced size that fishes much like a crankbait. The Gillroid Minnie is a highly versatile slow-floating swimbait that comes with two soft plastic tails and diving bills, a lipless cap, and a line tie at the nose and underneath the chin, so the swim action can be customized based on the current conditions.

By attaching the standard lip and boot tail, the Minnie deflects off cover, dives up to 4ft, and features a tight wobble similar to that of a flat-sided crankbait. Using the angled wind lip, the Minnie dives shallow down to 2ft and the bait is able to maintain its smooth gliding motion when paired with the flat tail. Completely remove the bill, insert the lipless cap, and attach the boot tail and the Minnie creates v-shaped water displacement on the water’s surface performing much like a topwater wakebait. 

You can also attach a small weight to the eyelet underneath the chin, and now the Imakatsu Gillroid Minnie Swimbait functions as a slow sinking glidebait rather than a slow floater. By applying the largest treble hook in its class to the small body of the Minnie, this bait is capable of handling the biggest bass in your waters. Finished with realistic fins and life-like molded gill plates, the Imakastu Gillroid Minnie Swimbait is painted in a variety of custom colorways to produce one of the most authentic bluegill imitations on the market.

Imakatsu Boot tail Length Flat tail Length Weight Class
Gillroid Minnie 3-1/2" 3-1/8" 1/2oz Slow-Floating 


Removable Lip (comes with 2 lips = Normal Lip, Wind Lip)