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Ima Flit 120

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The ima Flit 120 was designed during a collaboration between fisheries biologist, lure designer and professional angler Michael Murphy. It is a suspending jerkbait with a sharply angled, triangular cross-section for the best possible action.

The bait features a three-hook system for a better catch ratio and has a flat-side and broader back to perfectly imitate herring and other baitfish. The bait includes high-pitched BBs to imitate baitfish like gizzard and threadfin shad. The flat sides of the bait also enhance the flash from the bait as it moves through the water.

It will reach depths of 5 to 7 feet, the most common depth for suspending baitfish and the predatory fish that feed on them. You can work it with an erratic action that includes a continuous back-and-forth dog-walking motion.

  • Length: 120mm, 4.75 inches.
  • Weight: ½ oz
  • Type: Suspending jerkbait, dives to 7 ft.
  • Hooks: Three #6  treble hooks.

The Flit 120 can be fished several ways, including a jerk pause where you start with slack and end with slack after each series of jerks allowing the bait to glide back and forth. It can also be dead-sticked, where you start with a couple of cranks and jerks to get the bait to the desired depth and then pause the lure with as lack line.

The Flit 120 should be fished on a medium to medium heavy jerkbait rod, which is short enough to not drag in the water during the retrieve. A 6.3:1 gear ratio or faster is best with 8 to 14-pound fluorocarbon line.