Ima Finesse Popper 65 OG Ghost Minnow
Ima Finesse Popper 65 Black Widow
Ima Finesse Popper 65 Sexy Minnow
Ima Finesse Popper 65 Blue Head Black Back Ghost
Ima Finesse Popper 65 Bone
Ima Finesse Popper 65 Chrome
Ima Finesse Popper 65 Chartreuse Shad
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Ima Finesse Popper 65

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The ima Finesse Popper is a versatile topwater bait that excels any time the bass are keying on small baitfish. Available in a range of immaculate colors, the Finesse Popper delivers big action in a small package.

Featuring high quality hardware, the Finesse Popper is equipped with razor sharp treble hooks, including a hand-tied feather rear treble for additional attraction. The bait also features a subtle rattle system that produces faint acoustics and vibrations to help trigger cautious fish into striking.

  • Length: 65mm, 2.6 in
  • Weight: 10g, 3/8oz
  • Type: Floating
  • Hooks: #6

The ima Finesse Popper is a bite-sized lure that catches big bass. It can be popped like a traditional topwater popper with short spurts or graceful glides, but can also be walked side-to-side with ease.“

It pops and spits water, walks and chugs,” says Major League Fishing pro Fred Roumbanis. “This bait can do it all.”

The Finesse Popper is heavy enough to cast on a medium power bait cast rod, but it can also be fished on spinning gear. 10 to 15-pound monofilament or a braided line with monofilament leader will allow for the best casting distance and action. Fluorocarbon line sinks and will pull the lure down and affect the movement of the lure.