Heddon Zara Puppy G Fin/Blue Shad
Heddon Zara Puppy Bone
Heddon Zara Puppy Black Shiner
Heddon Zara Puppy
Heddon Zara Puppy G-Finish Pear/Red Head
Heddon Zara Puppy Clear
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Heddon Zara Puppy

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The kid-brother of the famed Heddon Zara Spook, the Heddon Zara Puppy delivers the same incredible walk-the-dog action, but in a scaled-down profile that bass of all sizes will destroy.

To produce the iconic walking action, simply cast it out and with a bit of slack, begin rhythmically jerking the rod tip while simultaneously reeling. With a little practice, the Heddon Zara Puppy will begin to dance across the surface, calling bass up from a distance and triggering explosive strikes.

Armed with two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Heddon Zara Puppy delivers a 3-inch version of the legendary lure that has been putting bass in the boat for over 75-years. 

Heddon Length Weight Class
Zara Puppy 3" 1/4oz Topwater