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Googan Blazin Worm

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The Blazin’ Worm is the hottest new addition to the Googan Baits lineup. Googan developed the Blazin’ Worm to evolve the traditional speed worm market with a soft-bait that has an unprecedented versatility to catch fish from top to bottom in any fishery. The Blazin’ Worm draws its powerful swimming & topwater action from the patented V-Ridge double-flange tail that’s shared by the Googan Baits Bandito Bug, Explode Toad, & more. This allows the Blazin’ Worm to create just as much commotion on top of the water as it does below. It also features a modified texture from the number one selling Bandito Bug - so when bass bite, they refuse to let go.

  • V-Ridge Double-Flange on the Tail
  • Fully Ribbed Body
  • Injected with salt, to keep the fish locked on
  • Hyper Tail for Action

The Blazin’ Worm has a need for speed, and, ideally will be fished weightless or with a 1/8-1/4oz bullet weight to allow for a fast/steady retrieval pace. Weightless rigging allows for the most speed variation during the retrieve on a topwater presentation. Texas-rigging the Blazin’ Worm provides intense action both while swimming sub-surface and during the fall. Steady blaze it over heavy vegetation and then let it fall into those enticing honey holes in the shallow grass for the perfect dangle. On a slow fishing day, an angler might find themselves rigging the Blazin’ Worm on a shaky head or even a Carolina rig when it’s time to slow this speedster down.