Googan Baits Toad Black Flash
Googan Baits Toad Blue Baby
Googan Baits Toad Fire Craw
Googan Baits Toad Green Pumpkin
Googan Baits Toad Green Pumpkin Pearl
Googan Baits Toad Summer Craw
Googan Baits Toad Watermelon Red
Googan Baits Toad White Pearl Shad
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Googan Baits Toad

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Durable soft plastic that can withstand bass strikes. Features a keeled belly design to keep it running true on the surface. The legs are designed with ridges to generate surface splashes. Ribbing on the side is to cause extra vibration.The Explode Toad is the Googan Squad's take on a soft plastic topwater buzz frog. Using our patented flange the Toad is able to create explosive topwater action while maintaining a slow retrieval speed across the top of the water. It is best to fish around spotty grass with open water to allow the Explode toad to create the perfect action. Reel at a steady pace across the top with the occasional pause or twitch to entice active fish into a reactive topwater bite.