Geecrack BomBay

Product Details

The Geecrack BomBay Blade Bait's design emphasizes a quick initial drop and immediate vibration to call in fish right from the get-go. The blade bait's ultra-thin (0.5mm) stainless steel plate sends its signal immediately, transmitting vibration to your hand and throughout the surrounding water. Two forward attachment points give the Bombay Blade different actions as you practice the lift and flutter routine to attract a wide range of fish from bass and crappie to walleye and stripers and more!

The Geecrack metal blade bait comes in various proven shimmery colors that flash to add even more attraction as it vibrates on the rise and fall. (Like other blade baits, the Bombay is equally effective on a horizontal retrieve as it is on a vertical yo-yo motion). A pair of #5 double hooks with a fluorine coating bite back at the game fish who mistake your lure for a struggling shad. Make the catch and put a glint in your eye to match your Geecrack BomBay Blade Bait!

  • Two separate line tie positions
  • Two fluorine-coated sticky sharp hooks
  • Drastically reduces snags
  • Natural looking 3D eyes
  • Detailed color patterns
  • Qty. per Pack: 1