Gamakatsu Under Spin Head 4/0
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Gamakatsu Under Spin Head

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Delivering unparalleled quality and performance, the Gamakatsu Underspin Head is a heavy-duty underspin ideal for winching magnum-sized bucketmouths out of heavy cover. Built around a premium Gamakatsu Heavy Cover 60-degree hook that delivers superior hook penetration, the Gamakatsu Underspin Head allows anglers to apply maximum pressure with braided line or heavy fluorocarbon without fear of bending the hook out like lighter wire underspins. It also features a streamlined head design that glides through cover and a small chrome willow leaf blade attached by a ball-bearing swivel, which produces the perfect amount of flash and vibration to trigger aggressive reaction strikes. 

To hold your trailers in place, the Gamakatsu Underspin Head is equipped with a spring lock keeper system that holds your swimbaits on the jighead with glue-like force so that you save money by catching more fish per bait. Complete with a set of attention-grabbing 3D eyes, the Gamakatsu Underspin Head is the underspin you need for targeting bigger fish and using heavier tackle.