G7 Worm Protect Tubes
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G7 Worm Protect Tubes

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Sizes: 6mm/7mm/8mm

The G7 Worm Protect Tubes can be used to greatly improve the durability of your soft plastic worms while wacky and neko rigging, saving you both time and money. Built from a durable silicone, the G7 Worm Protect Tubes tightly fasten around your favorite soft plastic worms to create a reinforced connection point between hook and worm. These tubes are wider than the traditional black O-rings used for wacky rigging, giving them more surface area in contact with the worm to prevent tearing and slipping.

Designed to be used with the G7 Worm Tube Pliers, the Worm Protect Tubes are easy to apply. Start by placing a one of your clear protection tubes over the elongated tip of the pliers while they are completely closed. Next, squeeze the handles together to stretch the tube open and insert your worm through the funnel shaped back end of the plier tips passing the worm through the protection tube. Release the handles and slip the tube off of the tips onto the desired location on the worm. The tube can now be used as your attachment point to the worm, which is a far more durable connection than piercing the hook directly through the bait. The G7 Worm Tube Pliers and Worm Protect Tubes are a must have accessory for anglers who regularly fish finesse presentations.