Frenzy Wacky Saddle O'Rings
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Frenzy Wacky Saddle O'Rings

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The Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddle is that little piece that makes life better. Wacky rigging and Neko rigging can turn into expensive approaches to catching bass. While tremendously effective, your soft plastic bait can become unfishable faster than you want. Enter the Wacky Saddle. Slip it on for a firm two O-ring hold around your soft plastic worm or stick bait, and keep the lure working for you longer!

If you select the Wacky Saddle Kit, you'll get two application tools and 25 large saddles that fit five-inch soft stick baits, and 25 small saddles which is just the ticket for finesse worms four-to-seven inches long. You'll add the perfect presentation every time and longer fishable life to your wacky and Neko-rigged baits when using Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddles!

  • Unique design that easily and securely holds your bait
  • Designated hook slot
  • Designed to provide a higher hookup ratio
  • Qty. per Pack:
    • Wacky Saddle Refills (25-Pack)
    • Wacky Saddle Kit (25 Lg., and 25 Sm.)