Evergreen JT-115 Lime Skeleton AYU
Evergreen JT-115 Bone
Evergreen JT-115 Blue Back Herring
Evergreen JT-115 Black Bone
Evergreen JT-115 Baby Bluegill
Evergreen JT-115 Stripped Shad
Evergreen JT-115 Magic Gill
Evergreen JT-115 Ice Fish
Evergreen JT-115 Flash Wakasagi
Evergreen JT-115 Clear
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Evergreen JT-115

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Inspired by Evergreen staff member, Justin Kerr, the Evergreen Justine delivers a distressed baitfish presentation that excels around pressured and spooked fish. Completely silent, the Evergreen Justine draws inspiration from the balsa stick baits that were a staple throughout the early years of competitive bass fishing.

Designed with a slim, compact body, the Evergreen Justine is perfectly sized for all species of bass and delivers a brisk walk-the-dog action with minimal effort. At rest, the Evergreen Justine sits with a nose-up, 45-degree posture that dares bass to strike.

Internally, the Evergreen Justine is built with a fixed weighting system, which extends casting distance and decreases rolling, so the trebles remain perfectly straight and ready for strikes. Offered in a number of bass-catching colors, the Evergreen Justine delivers a muted topwater presentation that excels on pressured waters. 

Evergreen Length Weight Class
 Justine 95 3-3/4" 3/8oz Topwater 
 Justine 115 4-1/2" 11/16oz Topwater