Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait Smash Shad
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait queen shad
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait striped shad
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait holo wakasag
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait alewife
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait clown
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait ayu
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait Half Mirror Wakasagi
Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait Skeleton Wakasagi
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Evergreen FA-115 Jerkbait

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Setting a global standard for jerkbaits, the Evergreen FA Jerkbaits 115mm was designed with input from Bassmaster Elite Series standout Morizo Shimizu and is a great choice for imitating wounded forage. A search tool without compromise, it delivers Japanese precision in a finely-tuned package, expertly crafted and responding to the most sensitive rod work with an irregular darting action.

Offering an elongated casting distance and featuring an internal tungsten weight transfer system, a precisely shaped body has a stable flight. Japanese precision engineering also works to reduce stress on the angler’s wrist when jerking the bait. Fitted with three super-sharp treble hooks, the Evergreen Faith Jerkbait’s hooks are precisely spaced for solid hook sets that ensure fish make it into the boat. Offered in a number of rod-bending colors, the Evergreen FA Jerkbaits 115mm are a great choice for imitating a full-sized baitfish and belongs in every serious angler’s box.


-Tungsten Weight Transfer System
-Precisely Shaped Body
-Engineered to Reduce Wrist Stress on Retrieve
-Super-Sharp Treble Hooks
-Japanese Design

Evergreen Length Weight Depth Class
FA Jerkbaits 115mm 4-1/2" 5/8oz 3-7ft Suspending