Duel Hardcore Noi-Z Jr Matte Ghost Bluegill
Duel Hardcore Noi-Z Jr Skeleton Ayu
Duel Hardcore Noi-Z Jr Pond Frog
Duel Hardcore Noi-Z Jr Chub
Duel Hardcore Noi-Z Jr Golden Shiner
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Duel Hardcore Noi-Z Jr

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There are a few bait genres with which I’m not too familiar and I consider wake baits to be one of them. I just haven’t spent a lot of time throwing one and I chalk that up to having a few other baits that I really do like to throw in situations where a wakebait would likely shine.

But as I was reminded during my time testing out the Duel Hardcore Noi-Z 105F, wake baits really are a special category of lure that do something a little different. They’re capable of generating strikes those other baits just can’t muster, certainly creating better hookup ratios at times. So as is often the case, being obligated to throw a bait for a product review really fired me back up for the bait’s genre and I’m excited to report on what I’ve found. So let’s dive in.