Defiant 210 Swimbait Ghost Carp
Defiant 210 Swimbait Ghost Pearl White
Defiant 210 Swimbait Ghost Silver Shad
Defiant 210 Swimbait Ghost Baitfish
Defiant 210 Swimbait Ghost Black Bass Moderate
Defiant 210 Swimbait Silver Shad Fast
Defiant 210 Swimbait Black Bass
Defiant 210 Swimbait Pearl
Defiant 210 Swimbait Carp
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Defiant 210 Swimbait

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The little brother of the original Defiant 232 Swimbait, the Defiant 210 Swimbait offers all the same technology and fish catching capabilities but now available in a slightly smaller package. Redefining what is possible with line-thru rigging, the Defiant 210 Swimbait features both top and bottom line-thru slots, which allows anglers to run hooks on either side of the swimbait to maximize hook up ratios in different scenarios when using different retrieve styles. The line-thru system also eliminates leverage once the fish is hooked by allowing the bait to slide up the line away from the fish to greatly increase your landing ratio. It comes equipped with a set of razor sharp top hooks that are strategically linked together to give anglers superior hook setting potential as well.

Ideal for situations when bass are feeding on large prey or you are trying to put a kicker-sized bass in the boat, the Defiant 210 Swimbait is molded with a wedge style tail, which produces a slow and enticing swimming action that will fool even the wariest of bass. It also includes 3D gills, 3D eyes, 3D fins, checkered scales, and a custom paint job for an added level of attraction that fish can’t resist. Take your swimbait game to the next level and put more fish in the boat with the Defiant 210 Swimbait. 

Defiant Length Weight Class
210 Swimbait 8.25" 4.6oz Fast Sink
210 Swimbait 8.25" 4.2oz Moderate Sink
210 Swimbait 8.25" 4oz Slow Sink