Daiwa Lexa 300H Casting Reel
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Daiwa Lexa 300H Casting Reel

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A new addition to one of Daiwa’s legendary lines, the latest Daiwa Lexa 300 Casting Reels are back with Daiwa’s latest technology to take the fight to the biggest fish prowling your waterways. The Lexa 300 Reels feature a sleek black frame that is robust enough to stand up to the toughest fighting fish, yet compact enough to easily fit in the palm of most anglers’ hands. The exteriors also support Daiwa’s convenient and precise external brake adjustment dials on one side with exclusive swept handles and EVA knobs on the other side that offer a sure grip and reduced wobble as you crank.

Matching the rugged exteriors, the Daiwa Lexa 300 Casting Reels boast powerful internals that are tough enough to turn the heads of trophy fish and manage oversized lures with ease. Perfect for chasing big toothy freshwater critters and hard-fighting saltwater giants, the Lexa 300 Reels rely on Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag system that utilizes carbon fiber discs impregnated with proprietary DSG505 grease for increased power and ultra-smooth operation. MAGFORCE magnetic cast control enables anglers to manage large lures and rigs with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Whether you’re targeting trophy bass, inshore giants, or even yellowtail tuna, send your favorite lure into the blue with maximum confidence knowing your Daiwa Lexa 300 Casting Reels are up for the task!

-Sleek black cosmetics
-MAGFORCE Magnetic Cast Control
-Ultimate Tournament Drag with Daiwa DSG505 grease
-Infinite Anti-Reverse
-Swept handle with weight-reducing cutout
-Oversized round EVA ball knobs
-Power handle (on select models)