Bobby Garland Crappie Deluxe Kit
Bobby Garland Crappie Deluxe Kit
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Bobby Garland Crappie Deluxe Kit

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The Bobby Garland Crappie Deluxe Premium Kit is filled with a whole (good) mess of soft plastics crappie baits! Among the crappie lures and jig heads are some of the best Bobby Garland Crappie soft baits going! The highly versatile Baby Shad is a spring crappie fishing standard for its suggestive profile and spiked tail that moves naturally to mimic a young minnow or the baby shad it's named after. The Crappie Shooter is flat on both the bottom and top, which makes it easier to skip deep under docks where crappies like to take cover. The Pile Diver is a creature bait that displays a lot of action and sends heavier vibrations that attract those delicious slabs from thick brush. The Minnow Mind'R is a forked-tail colorful and flashy crappie catcher!

A Thill Crappie Cork float and six willow leaf blades, and six "Slab Ticklers" are also thrown into the mix. Individually, this collection is a $60 value! If you like to catch a whole mess of crappie or would rather fish for the bigger slabs, you're prepared either way with this Bobby Garland Crappie Deluxe Premium Kit!

  • Forty Baby Shad:
    • (10) Monkey Milk
    • (10) Bluegrass
    • (10) Threadfish Shad
    • (10) Lights Out
  • Forty Crappie Shooter:
    • (10) Live Minnow
    • (10) Electric Chicken
    • (10) Blue Ice
    • (10) Cajun Cricket
  • Thirty-two Pile Diver:
    • (8) Black/Hot Pink
    • (8) Chart/Red Glitter
    • (8) Lights Out
    • (8) Pearl White
  • Twenty-Four Minnow Mind'R:
    • (12) Black Widow
    • (12) Lightening Bug
  • Six Slab Ticklers
  • Six Crappie Rattles
  • Four 1/16 oz. Mo'Glo Jigheads
  • Four 1/8 oz. Mo'Glo Jigheads
  • One 1/8 oz. Thill Crappie Cork