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 The Black Label Balsa – Law Dawg  – Custom Balsa Topwater is hand crafted, painted by Bassmaster champion Cliff Pace. Cliff designed and built the Law Dawg to offer a silent easy-to-use walking bait option for clear water and calm conditions that will generate bites from the pressured fish we all face in todays waters. The Law Dawg is also weighted in a way that makes it very easy to cast as well as super easy to walk. The Black Label Law Dawg is perfect for fishing shallow around cover or over grass, as well as, fishing offshore calling up fish that may be suspended or in offshore cover. Built to be as versatile as possible, the Law Dawg can be fished slow with  a wide deliberate walking action or faster to create more of a skittering fleeing baitfish presentation. The Black Label Balsa Law Dawg Topwater is equipped with two Mustad Triple Grip Ultra Point 2x Strong Trebles.  This walking topwater weighs 7/16  oz. and is 3 3/4 inches long.