BKK Titan Diver
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BKK Titan Diver

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A powerful way to rig and enhance your favorite paddle tails, soft jerkbaits, and a variety of other soft plastics, the BKK Titan Diver Hooks are designed to take the action of your bait to the max. They start with a forged shank to boost strength so anglers can target scale-busting bass and navigate dense cover without fear of their hooks bending or failing under extreme load. The hooks also benefit from needle-sharp long hook points and BKK’s Super Slide coating that promises ultra-smooth setting performance to make the most of every strike.

The BKK Titan Diver Hooks are adorned with a variety of premium components any angler is sure to appreciate. The eye of the hooks anchor stainless steel spring keepers to not only lock down your favorite baits but help increase their longevity as well. Further down the shanks, a fixed lead weighting system helps to plunge your swimbaits into the depths while also stabilizing their swimming action. A high-grade wire arm affixes a dimpled BKK blade that adds a layer of fluttering flash and draws predators in from greater distances. Completed with a silicone stopper to help keep your soft plastic rigged perfectly, the BKK Titan Diver Hooks are ideal tools that help anglers scout the sunken structures where big bass lie in wait.

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