Bill Lewis Scope Stik 120 Floating 0-3 FT Baton Rouge
Bill Lewis Scope Stik 120 Floating 0-3 FT Cajun Pearl
Bill Lewis Scope Stik 120 Floating 0-3 FT Pro Herring
Bill Lewis Scope Stik 120 Floating 0-3 FT Table Rock Shad
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Bill Lewis Scope Stik 120 Floating 0-3 FT

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Meticulously crafted to maximize detection on live sonar units, the Bill Lewis Scope-Stik 120FL was developed with extensive input from some of the top touring pros on the water! Constructed with pronounced, flattened sides, this wider surface area shows up more clearly on forward-facing sonar units and allows you to see your lure from farther out. It also relies on a specialized bill that imparts a lively side-to-side darting action that not only generates a feeding response in predators, but it also helps to ensure your bait’s side spends more time facing your sonar unit to increase its visibility.

Outfitted with reliable hardware and encased in brilliant colorways, the Bill Lewis Scope-Stik 120 is built nose-to-tail to call in big fish. This floating model is carefully tailored to be effective in shallow water and showcases its superior paint schemes that are further complemented by oversized 3D eyes, raised gill plates, and accurate facial features that take its realism to the next level. A weight transfer system extends your casts, while a trio of Mustad Triple Grip UltraPoint hooks is anchored to the belly by premium split rings for infallible performance in a ready-to-fish package. Perfectly melding multidirectional action with enhanced onscreen visibility, the Bill Lewis Scope-Stik 120 allows you to watch bass devour your lure in real time!

Bill Lewis Length Weight Depth Class
Scope Stik 120FL3 4.75" 3/8oz 1-3ft Floating