Bill Lewis Scope Stik 100 Suspending 4-6 FT


With the rise of forward-facing sonar, we’ve set out to design a jerkbait that is made specifically to be better detected on screen. We call it the Scope™-Stik. Featuring pronounced, flattened sides, and a lip that makes it flash sideways at the ‘scope’ — it’ll practically wave at you on screen.

It’s equipped with premium Mustad-UltraPoint-Triple Grip hooks and is available in the colors fish bite. You won’t have any trouble getting it to the fish either, with a smooth transitioning cast-weight, long-cast are easy. Available in the two most common forage sizes, the Scope™-Stik will come in a 120mm and 100mm lengths targeting a variety of depths. Floating, Suspending, and Sinking models are offered.