Bill Lewis MR 12 Tennessee Shad MR12-39
Bill Lewis MR 12 Lavender Shad MR12-581
Bill Lewis MR 12 Rayburn Red Craw MR12-587
Bill Lewis MR 12 Blue Chartreuse MR12-600
Bill Lewis MR 12 Sneaky Shad MR12-687
Bill Lewis MR 12 Strawberry Craw MR12-692
Bill Lewis MR 12 Citrus Shad MR12-696
Bill Lewis MR 12 Bluegill MR12-697
Bill Lewis MR 12 Chartreuse Blaze MR12-699
Bill Lewis MR 12 Green Gizzard Shad MR12-720
Bill Lewis MR 12 Silverado Sparkle MR12-836
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Bill Lewis MR 12

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An exciting expansion to the MR Crankbait series, the Bill Lewis MR-12 Crankbaits were developed in conjunction with Elite Series pro, Mark Daniel Jr to trigger bass holding in the deeper mid-ranges. Designed to plunge to 12-foot and beyond with lighter fluorocarbon lines, the MR-12 is a smart solution to the challenge of targeting bass holding on deeper brush, boulders, and other cover. Featuring compact bodies that contain internal weight transfer systems, the Bill Lewis MR-12 Crankbaits cast like a bullet while their flattened sides and tapered tails combine to create an extreme vibration and tight wiggling action that is further made irresistible with their perfect level of buoyancy that slowly rises on the pause.

Complementing their exceptional action, the Bill Lewis MR-12 Crankbaits sport detailed finishes and low pitch knocking sounds that are sure to tempt even the most discerning of bass. In addition to brilliant paint schemes, they also employ 3D gill rakers and 3D eyes for a convincing level of realism. To capitalize on any fish that comes to investigate your plugs, the MR-12’s dive out of the package armed with a pair of sticky-sharp Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks that offer a high hook-up ratio and reliable performance. Offered in a range of colors hand-picked by MDJ himself, the Bill Lewis MR-12 Crankbaits give anglers the ability to target deeper bass with a premium cranking option.

Bill Lewis Length Weight Depth
MR-12 2-1/2" 3/4oz 12ft