Beast Coast Tungsten Lil' Magnum Compact Flipping Jig

ATTENTION: Molded with 97% Tungsten. Designed to be the ulimate compact flipping and pitching jig, the Tungsten Lil' Magnum has arrived. Thanks to the incredible density of Tungsten, a completely weight-forward design, custom micro line tie & the perfect weedguard angle,..this jig falls fast & comes in and out of grass like a Texas rig! Double-wire keepers allow all of the material weight in the head while locking trailers in place. Custom hook assembly with a short 2X BKK at the business end. 97% Perma-Matte Tungsten raw means no shiny material beneath the powdercoats. Wire-tied AND banded skirts that last the life of the jig, and a size stamp for convenience.