6th Sense Trace 6
6th Sense Trace 6
6th Sense Trace 6
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6th Sense Trace 6" Fast Sinking Swimbait

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Deliver quality and performance at an outstanding price, the 6th Sense Trace Swimbait is a highly realistic baitfish imitator that will generate ferocious reaction bites. Featuring a 4-piece body construction and available in two sink rates (floating and slow sinking) to target the whole water column, the 6th Sense Trace Swimbait produces a seductive “S” swimming action that maintains its balance at any retrieve speed. Unlike any other swimbait on the market, the 6th Sense Trace Swimbait features a soft, yet incredibly durable plastic tail that can be interchanged via a hidden screw lock, ensuring that your bait will function perfectly fish after fish.  

Covered in convincing details as well, the 6th Sense Trace Swimbait features checkered scales, 3D eyes, 3D fins, 3D gill plates, and a custom air brushed paintjob that adds a layer of depth to bring it to life in the water. Armed with two premium EWG style treble hooks that keep fish pinned while fighting them back to the boat, the 6th Sense Trace Swimbait is the ultimate shad profile swimbait.


-6th Sense Trace Swimbait
-1 Replacement Tail 

6th Sense Length Weight Class
Trace 6" 1.5oz Floating
Trace 6" 1.65oz Slow Sink
Trace 6" 2oz Fast Sink