6th Sense Movement Casting Rods
6th Sense Movement Casting Rods
6th Sense Movement Casting Rods
6th Sense Movement Casting Rods
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6th Sense Movement Casting Rods

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Movement Rods

6th Sense has devoted countless hours to designing and testing moving bait rods. The parabolic action of the Movement Series will help hook-up ratio and keep fish pinned longer so you can land more fish. We have finally come out with what we think is the best Reaction Series rod lineup on the market.  Featuring a Japanese Carbon 24-Ton blank, we have found the exact actions to help you catch more fish.
These Mod-Fast actions will allow you to make the maximum cast with the right tip that keeps the fighting fish from throwing your bait.  We went straight carbon graphite blanks. And for a good reason. Feel can be everything when cranking and feeling cover, a missed bite, or change is bottom hardness. 100% graphite creates a lightweight yet very responsive rod that transmits every vibration back to the angler with the help of an exposed reel seat. We added semi-micro guides from American Tackle to make sure we maximized the castability of the rod to get your baits where they need to go. Whether your sniping isolated cover with a spinnerbait or bladed jig, ripping a jerkbait, to cranking hard bottom spots offshore, we have you covered. 


Custom Handle
The Movement Rod Series comes standard with a full EVA foam grip that provides all-day comfort for those long days on the water. 
Reel Seat
The reel seat is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, providing more sensitivity and comfort for long days throwing moving baits.  
Hook-Keeper Design
The tear-drop hook-keeper design is created for speed; this hook-keeper will help you get your lure in the water quicker with less tangle and resistance.
Guide Set
The semi-micro, American Tackle guides provide maximum casting distance and less resistance. This helps you cover more water, and hopefully put more fish in your livewell.
 Movement Rods
 Length Action Applications Flex Type
7'2" Med-Heavy

Lipless Cranks, Spinnerbait, Bladed Jig, Jigging Spoon, Squarebills, Swank, Swimbaits, MiniMag, Slice Blade Bait.

Mod-Fast Casting
7'6" Medium C10, C15, 300DD. Mod-Fast Casting
7'11" Med-Heavy

C15, C20, C25, 300DD, 500DD, Magnum Squarebill, Trace.

Mod-Fast Casting
7'11" Heavy 500DD, C25, Magnum Squarebill, Mag Spoons, The Draw. Mod-Fast Casting