6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods
6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods
6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods
6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods
6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods
6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods
6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods
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6th Sense Lux Series Casting Rods

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Lux Fishing Rods

Applications: Power fishing conditions, Jigs, Big Worms, Flipping Bushes, & Swim Jigs

 The 6th Sense Lux Rod Series are an engineered balance of weight, strength, action, & durability.

Each of the twelve Lux (Latin for 'Light') models utilizes high modulus Toray Japanese graphite blanks, with multi-layer carbon cloth that optimizes performance in all fishing applications. Equipped with a Fuji Aluminum Oxide guide set & premium components, including an ultra-light jet black reel seat, custom EVA split grip handles, and a U-shaped hook keeper design, each rod combines to provide a uniquely sensitive, lightweight feel for all-day comfort on the water. 

Each 6th Sense Lux Rod is backed by a two-year limited warranty on defects as well as an accidental replacement warranty.

Maximum Sensitivity

All twelve Lux™ Rod models are fast-action with less bend, - this means they have superior sensitivity and ultimately will detect fish strikes easier. This in turn allows for more hook setting power because the rod doesn't bend as much as you lift the rod for the hook set.

Guide Set

Fuji® Aluminum Oxide Guide Rings embedded in medium-sized stainless steel frames to further elevate the sensitivity and reduce line friction (line wear damage), while preventing line coil memory from being under tension. 

Reel Seat

The custom painted, ultra-light reel seat further increases the overall sensitivity by allowing direct contact between your hand the exposed rod blank. 


Hook Keeper

The U-shaped hook keeper allows you to loop and secure your lure without having to back the barb out of a soft plastic-embedded hook, which significantly reduces the soft plastic's lifespan.

Handle Design

A customized, tapered, EVA split grip handle provides ultimate comfort, control, & leverage while casting. 

Model Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Length Handle Type
RODLUX-M69 Moderate Fast 10-17lb 1/4-5/8oz 9+Tip 15-1/2" Lux Cast A
RODLUX-XH72 Fast 15-30lb 1/2-1 1/4oz 9+Tip 15-1/2" Lux Cast A