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6th Sense Glitch
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6th Sense Glitch

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Carefully crafted by the soft plastic masterminds at 6th Sense Fishing, the 6th Sense Glitch Worm was designed to deliver an incredibly authentic panicked baitfish action. The Glitch Worm lives up to its name by imparting a brief irregular “glitch” action, just like a nervous baitfish, with every twitch of the rod or flow of the water’s current. This manic movement fools even the most educated bass into lashing out at the easy meal. Enhancing its lifelike appearance, its meticulous soft plastic weight distribution combines with its flat belly design so the Glitch can sit completely horizontal in the water column.

Ensuring anglers have the best on the end of their line, the 6th Sense Glitch Worm slides onto finesse hooks with highly detailed aesthetics. The head of the Glitch features molded eyes and gill rakers while the body sports subtle fins. The bulbous tail end of the lure flairs out to not only fill out the profile but maximize its innovative action as well. Additionally, the Glitch Worm comes with their proprietary 6th Scent integrated into the plastic to help keep rods bent and livewells crowded. Hitting the water in a range of forage-imitating color schemes, the 6th Sense Glitch Worm is a sure-fire tool for filling a limit.

Length Quantity
3.8” 10