6TH Sense Bait Chamber Medium Crankbaits
6TH Sense Bait Chamber Lipless Crankbaits
6TH Sense Bait Chamber Shallow Crankbaits
6TH Sense Bait Chamber
6TH Sense Bait Chamber
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6TH Sense Bait Chamber

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Designed to help protect your hard baits and jigs from moisture, impact, and day-to-day wear and tear, the 6th Sense Bait Chambers secure everything in place to reduce rattling and increase the lifespan of your lures. Built with high-quality precision-cut foam that works to keep the chamber dry, each compartment completely separates your baits to ensure there are no more tangled, dull, or rusted hooks. Complete with heavy-duty plastic latches and a carry handle for easy transportation, the 6th Sense Bait Chambers are the perfect storage solution for your favorite 6th Sense lures with clear labeling grouped by technique.

Trace & Draw Chamber Dimensions:
11" x 9"

All Other Bait Chamber Dimensions:
13.5" x 11.5"

Jerkbait: (Holds 20)
Provoke 106X, Provoke 106SK, Provoke 106D

Lipless: (Holds 24)
Quake 70, Quake 80, Snath 70x, Duke 65

Topwaters: (Holds 16)
Catwalk, Dogma Series

Medium Crankbait: (Holds 24)
Curve 55, Cloud9 C6

Shallow Crankbait: (Holds 24)
Crush 50 Series, Swank 66X, Munch 40

Draw: (Holds 2)
Draw Glidebaits

Trace: (Holds 4)
Trace Swimbaits

Jig: (Holds 40)
Axle Jig Series, Ballhead Finesse Jig, Divine Hybrid Jig, Braid Swim Jig, Divine Swim Jig

XL Shallow Crankbait: (Holds 20)
Crush 100 Series, Swank 77X, AXIS, Crush Flat 75x

Shallow/ XL Crankbait: (Holds 22)
12 Shallow Cranks -
Crush 50 Series, Swank 66X, Munch 40

10 XL Shallow Cranks -
Crush 100 Series, Swank 77X, AXIS, Crush Flat 75x, Movement Series

Please note: 6th Sense Bait Chambers can also be used to store baits that are similar in size/dimensions to the baits listed above (with the exception of the Trace and Draw glidebait boxes).