Spring Into Action

by brian robison on May 05, 2023

Well spring time is approaching and the bass will be moving shallow to spawn. This is my favorite time to be on the water. There are a lot of baits that will come into play this time of year depending on the type of lake your fishing.

Just before the fish start getting on beds, I like to fish moving baits such as swim jigs, chatterbaits, buzzbaits, and swim baits. Look for places close to spawning areas, such as points inside of creeks and flats in the back of creeks with stumps or grass. Areas with a hard bottom will be key this time of year.

Once the fish start getting on the beds its time to slow down. If I am not visually fishing for bedding bass I like to drag a senko or lizard in places I think they are spawning. I keep my color choices pretty simple, dirty water or cloudy days I throw dark colors like junebug or black and blue, clear water or sunny days I like green pumpkin or watermelon red.

Author: Jeff Reynolds
Tackle Addict Pro Staff