Watr Alive Focused Hydration Drink Water Additive

Feeling groggy, tired, or having trouble focusing? Then, ALIVE is the solution for you. We wanted to provide a hydration mixture to those who struggle with focusing on the task at hand. Packed with 100MG of natural, long-lasting caffeine derived from green tea, L-theanine, and other natural herbs and vitamins, this formula is bound to make you more alert and highly affective.

This product was formulated from an all-natural approach. We decided to skip the synthetic caffeine and other toxic substances found in other energy supplements/drinks. We wanted an energy solution you could trust and rely on. By combining these natural energy agents with our hydration formula you are bound to conquer anything in your path. 

This packet will leave you feeling hydrated, energized, focused, and ready to dominate the day.

1 BAG of Alive WATR Focused Hydration
1 BAG = 10 Packets (1 serving per packet)
8.5g each packet

Benefits of ALIVE WATR has ingredients known to help with...

⚡ Healthy Energy
✔ No Crash
💧 Rapid Hydration
✨ Immunity Benefits
🧠 Brain Simulation
🎯 Elevated Focus
⚡ More Electrolytes
🍺 Hangover Cure
😋 Amazing Taste